I was reminded today of the Wizard of Oz and the Emerald city in a manner only another individual who shares the same colour perspective as I can enjoy.

It was the usual Vancouver liquid sunshine day as I went about my business with my wife at my side when I espied an older gent walking his dog.

“So he was walking his dog”, you might ask, well this dog was different. “How different”, you may ask? “Well it was Emerald Green I would say!” Well it was in my eyes… To you it would be a what ever shade of brown you care to choose because it makes no difference to me, I won’t see it anyway, and more is the shame that you cannot enjoy the world as I see it.

My wife; who is from Fiji and has a dark brown skin tone, so she says; turned to me and said, “You really see me as green as well, you were not kidding all these years”? No dear I was not and I truly am married to a Martian.

I am used to it now, living with and seeing green people on a daily basis. I realize now they are not visitors from a far away planet, just humans like you and I with, well, green skin.

You see, when I asked her what colour she thought the dog was, she said, “Brown”.

But no matter for as a photographer, I don’t need to see all the colours with the naked eye, because I visualize the image in my mind and my heart where colour is immaterial, as I see it. It is the end results that count and unless I told you I was colour blind you could not tell the difference from my images. So I just sit back and smile because for me, everyday is St. Patty’s Day… Now it I could just find out where those darn Leprechauns are hiding their pot of gold…

Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Inc. (CVM Inc.)