In the late eighties I went everywhere with my camera, well almost everywhere. A man does have his dignity you know… Well okay, sometimes, but I digress.

It was a beautiful warm summer Saturday afternoon as I was making my rounds through out town looking for images to add to my budding portfolio when I received word that the Royal Hudson was in town. Not that the news was anything new, let alone news worthy. You see, the Royal Hudson came to Squamish everyday, its bowels filled with townies, as the tourists were known at that time. Today was to be special because word on the street had it a wedding party from Vancouver had rented the train for the day as part of the ceremonial package.

At that particular point in my career, I had gonads as big as, if not bigger, then a brass monkey, and as I grabbed my gear, I ambled off in search of what I perceived to be newsworthy material.

As I arrived at where the train was parked, I noted that no one was in view and so, the brass monkey in tow, and I proceeded to board the train to further my quest. I had no sooner entered the caboose when I was met by a member of the wedding party and after a short explanation of who I was, who I was representing and what I wanted, asked me to wait where I was.

Not more than a minute, okay perhaps two, who was counting, he reappeared with the Bide and Groom in tow. Once again I explained who I was and what I wanted. Their only questions were, “Would you like the whole wedding party in the photographs and where? Would I, I thought to myself…

Well needless to say I had them stand at the back of the train in varied poses, old-fashioned politics came to my mind as I envisioned them on the campaign trail… not that I ever let that secret fantasy out until now. Not wanting to be overly selfish I kept everything down to a full roll of 36 in Fuji 100 ASA print film loaded into my Minolta X700,  and my series of lens. Afterwards I followed and photographed them and their entourage as they strolled through the down town core of Squamish firing off a second roll of film for good measure.

I was the only photographer to take any of the images that day and before they prepared to depart I was personally invited to ride back with them on the train to Vancouver to attend the reception…

Needless to say I ensured I mailed them a complete set of all the images once I had everything developed for which I chose just two for the purpose of this blog.

1: Wedding on the Royal Hudson 2: Wedding on the Royal Hudson cont.

As Sherman Hines once stated at a seminar I was blessed to attend, “Open your eyes and look around…” I did and reaped the rewards many times over that day…


Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Inc. (CVM Inc.)