Stanley Park Labeled Aerial Map, by Soggybread

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It seems like it was just yesterday I was strolling through sun drenched Stanley Park, camera and colleges in toll as we feasted on the colourful visuals the park was offering for all who came.

This particular image of the Tea house, as it was known at that time, surrounded in all its majesty by the rich colours of the varied plants in full bloom just begged for immortalization.

Having been raised in Southern Ontario in a small country home rich with well cared for flowers of multiple varieties, I always find myself drawn to this very day, as if by some mystical spell, to a well-defined floral display. Each time I try to relive the joys of my youth and the images I retain in my memory bank and for a few brief seconds I am devoid of the hustle and bustle of life as it is today.

Being a lover of transparencies vs. print; slides for the novice; I chose for this image, Kodachrome 25 in a Minolta X700 with a 50 mm lens. As I still do today I pushed the film one full stop to gain a greater saturation of colour. I later, found that I could get the same in not better quality images with Fuji’s Velvia 50 ASA. I never looked back…

Stanley Park, Vancouver BC 1991Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC Canada 1991


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