Okay now I am the first to admit I am not a true blue country and western fan… Minnie Pearl and the Hew Haw gang immediately come to mind along with some country slick in a straw hat, bibbed coveralls and a piece of straw hanging from his jowl. Now give me some Pink Floyd, a little Stephen Wolfe with a side dish of Ozzie Osborne and Black Sabbath and I am in seventh heaven… Hmmmm, come to think about I often think I really had been… After all, it was the 60’s and well… Okay, reality check, it is 2007 and I am, well not quite as young as I used to be so…

As I was saying, I was surprised at the music that night as Oh Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter belted out what I came to realize was some good stuff.

I had heard western music a lot, as I grew up, as my mother was a big fan of country… Even more so after she listened to a few of my albums for which I am sure was one of the reasons her hair started to grey a little premature…

Being a good photographer means not letting your likes or dislikes get in the way of doing what you like best, getting those rare and special images. Images that you hope to heck no one else has, or if they do, you know they are not as good as mine and that is my story and I am sticking to it.

I had used my trusty press pass to obtain access to that outdoor concert in Squamish, BC and as I knew it was going to be dusk when it started, I loaded up my Minolta X700 with my favorite print film for just such an occasion. It was a 36 roll of Konica 3200 ASA. A fantastic low light film that allowed fast shutter speeds using existing light with the grain of a 100 ASA. My lens of choice was a 300 mm telephoto set at f3.8. The promoter forbade the use of Flashes.

Overall, it was a great time except for the fact the second rule, aside from no camera flashes, we in the press section had to agree too on order gain entry, everyone was forbidden to take any images of June. Trust me, I thought about it but with security standing next to me, and watching my every move, the thought of them confiscating my equipment enabled me to resist temptation.

It was too bad to say the least because the two together (Johnny and June) presented a great photo op when they did a duet. You could really see the love they had for each other as they gazed into each other’s eyes while they sang, which in turn transmitted into their music for all to share.

Johnny Cash in Squamish, BC Canada Johnny Cash in concert, Squamish, BC Canada


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