As I progress, or digress, depending on ones own interpretation, I realized I was fast becoming my own worst enemy in my struggle to evolve. Fast becoming one of the, “I CANNOT DO IT”, crowd as I continued to purposely find excuses for not taking my photographic skills to the next level.

My excuses are to date: I do not have a quality digital camera; the one I do have is a Cannon 3.3 which on the fritz, not to mention I can no longer get the battery packs for it after only one short year of it’s having been on the market (about 4 years ago now). My other excuses are film is too expensive, film is getting outdated, I cannot get the ASA I desire, there is nothing to shoot, and the list goes on.

While in my personal prison of gloom and doom, I decided to do a little research. “More then likely, I was looking for other reasons to fail”, and so I decided to see what wonders “Sherman Hines” had been able to capture though out his career. At least if I was going to wallow in my own failings I could do it in style with what I perceived to be the best escape possible, or so I thought.

As I googled and read the many attributes and accolades of my idol, “Sherman Hines”, I came to realize that here was an individual who’s doorway to fame was not based on photographing the extraordinary as I envisioned it. His ability to look at the simple things that we, in our fast-paced worlds, take for granted are what I feel are his true strengths.

As I looked at Sherman’s images as portrayed on his web site I was able to not only personally critique his accomplishments but more to importantly it enabled me to break down my own barriers of personal insecurities and self pity and look at the numerous photographic opportunities sitting under my very nose.

Now if you will excuse me I have to go stand in the corner of self-appointed shame and dwell on the visual blessings of which I have been depriving the world due to my personal self-pity.

Okay, back to reality… This Saturday, February 21 25 is the BC Home and Garden Show of which I am looking forward to attending along with a colleague of mine. While I have attended these galas in the past as an employee for the firm who is now my client, as I have a Power Point presentation being displayed in two separate booths. While my client (this time), supplied the images used, I created the display to specifications. Like a proud parent, I look forward to its début and the reaction of the viewers of whom I will observe from a discreet distance.

Yes, dear diary, I do have other talents besides my photography that I use to create some darn fantastic marketing tools to increase your profit margins. Move over Sherman Hines, Allan Herman is coming to the fore…

I am networking with a long time friend and fellow photographer with whom I will be going on a local shooting excursion in March. Based on what I have written in this blog and the visions I re-resurrected in my mind I will be doing a Black and White series of images, which I am planning to display here in mid April of this year (2007).

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