I had the privilege of attending Vancouver’s, “BC Home and Garden Show”, for 2007 with a good friend and colleague, “Arnie” of “I-Dent Designs” on Saturday. Having always attended various Home Shows for the past 8 years, in a staffing position for a major renovation firm, I found it unique to this time to be there to network my own business. Not to mention I also wanted to analyze a power point presentation I had created, for my past employer now turned client, which was being presented in two separate booths.

While an artist can always find room for improvement, what more could I achieve then to have one of the couples whose home I had used in the display stop by and view the presentation, twice.

Having also been the photographer on that particular project, I knew them by name. The expressions on their faces intermingled with awe and the continued verbal confirmation as they informed me how good everything looked as they relived the transformation of their home by watching the display was a reward that money could not buy. I had achieved what my client desired, a visual display that spoke limitless words and actual clients in the flesh to verify their delight. Life was good.

Although I found many pleasing booths with great imagination in the display setup, and taking into account each booth has only two days to set up and two to tear down, the greater usage of modern technology and visual displays. Everything from Power point presentations to flash and full-blown videos on an array of screen sizes.

What made it even more amazing is that few are now using computers or laptops hidden in the displays as I noted, Ipod‘s being hooked up to the screens in their place and the quality of the presentations was breathtaking as each vied for your attention, each sending out the subliminal message to buy, buy, buy…

Most were short but they said a lot in respect to what each company wanted to portray as the sales staff waited eagerly in the wings, each watching and waiting for the right moment to interrupt and continue where the presentation’s left off, marketing at its best…

Gone, it seems, are the days of overly large displays, each filled with sales craved individuals, each hanging on their displays like ladies of the night, each vying for your attention as they spouted well-honed lines of intrigue to draw you in. Now, they waited, each letting technology catch the eye of potential clients, allowing the visuals to soften them up and then…


Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Incorporated (CVM Inc.)