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I have finally made the leap into digital imagery. While I did have, a canon Sure Shot 3.0 Mega pixel, I did not really consider it professional camera. I looked at it more as a toy, a want to be photographer still in the game. That was six years ago.

I had sold all of my film cameras some months before, three Minolta 35 mm’s, a Bronica 2 ¼ including a Polaroid back, two Mamyia medium formats and one 4×5 and all of the lenses etc. I had hung up my shingle for good, or so I thought.

Now I am the proud owner of a Canon EOS rebel XTi 10.1 Mega pixel. Proud but confused as any photographer can understand, I was used to some meaty equipment. Total control, light meters, manual settings and action… It was nothing to be carrying 50 LBS or more of gear on a photography shoot into the mountains in search of the prize image of the day.

Now, camera, two lenses, my tripod and mono pod; a wet pair of jogging pants will weigh more. When I hold my new piece of equipment, I am almost tempted to hold my pinky out right, “Tea any one.”

Sure, I am griping and grumbling now, but deep down I am happy to be back in the game. No more excuses such as “I do not have a camera”, “I cannot get the right film….” I am now cost-effective and ready for action… My first victims, my pet cats, after all I need to break it in and the family sure is not going to sit still.

Well time to dig in my heels and get some work done for a change so keep an eye out as I share my progression back into the wonderful world of visuals… “I’m back in the saddle and loving it.” Now where was I? Oh yes…!

‘Here kitty, kitty…. Daddy has a real surprise in store for you. Can you say cheese?”


Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Inc. (CVM Inc)