It is mid March and the rains have finally subsided long enough for me to take my first image on my new Canon EOS Rebel XTi Digital camera. I have been keeping an eye on the magnolia tree out side my office/front room window and had decided that this was to be the first image as I launch my digital career.

My first impressions of the camera aside, I am more than impressed with the quality of the image. I was not really sure just what to expect, but I now realize the camera is worth every penny paid. Given the fact that I do not have the steadiest hands as I had elected to forgo using my tripod, the built-in image stabilizer more than compensated.

The only downside I can honestly find is the fact that unlike my film cameras, I will now have to read the operating manual. Digital for dummies comes to mind as from my brief glimpse at the many options I swear this camera can operate by itself. I just need to hook it up to the computer from time to time and step back and let it do all the work. Sigh, hopefully no one will notice I am just the camera’s mode of transportation.


Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Inc. (CVM Inc.)