My colleague arrived at my place of abode at 7:30 am sharp, as planned and despite the rainy Vancouver weather we drove to our predestined location of choice, Steveston, a historic salmon canning centre and home of the Britannia Shipyard, a National Historic site of Canada.

According to Wikipedia, “Steveston village is a historic salmon canning centre at the mouth of the south arm of the Fraser River, just two miles west of Finn Slough. It is located on the southwest tip of Lulu Island…”

In the 26 years I have lived in BC, I had heard about Steveston but had never had the opportunity to go prior.

My colleague and I had planned this photo-op for over a month as we decided we were not going to let a little rain stop us now. I did say a little rain, right. Well when we eventually arrived at our destination, there was a slight drizzle but before we could get three short blocks, it turned into what seemed like a full-blown monsoon, minus the winds.

Picture, if you will, a small water front town with most of the residents still snuggled in warm dry beds. Enter stage right two crazy photographers, slightly ready for fowl weather with a huge bright orange umbrella, garbage bags covering cameras and bags of equipment hanging from their shoulders and you have two desperate die hards. I say slightly ready because as true to Murphy’s Law we realized as the day progressed we had forgotten this and that and should have… You get the picture.

Sure five hours later our equipment bags were water-logged as was most of the equipment inside. Personally, I managed to take 117 regardless of the inclement weather and we both, upon arriving back home, maintained a positive attitude of returning for more with one difference. We vowed to ensure it is a dry day, and I mean dry. We will however be prepared for the worse when that point in time arrives, we hope.

I would like add at this point a huge vote of thanks and our undying gratitude to Joy, a volunteer worker at the Britannia Shipyard. Joy, after we explained who we were and why we were there, gave us a private tour and unrestricted photographic privileges of the boathouse despite the fact they were closed to the public, at that time.

I highly recommend that if you have not been to Steveston and the Shipyard Museum do so. The volunteer staff are both friendly and knowledgeable and if you take the time to let your imagination have a little leeway, as you take the tour, you can actually hear the voices of the workers of old as they hustled to and fro in the performance of their duties.

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