Telegraph Cove Trading

Image by Ed Bierman via Flickr

As I sit here drooling over my new digital camera I am filled with the inevitable urge to run out create new and exciting images; I would do so but it has been raining for almost a week and the long range forecast shows no letting up – yet. So I plan and as I do I came to the realization that planning can be very dangerous as I begin to surf and search out a good price for a quality 600 mm telephoto lens.

Hmmmm, if my wife gets wind of my pre-planned visions of grandeur I may just need the money I desire to spend on the lens to find new accommodations; after I recover from my injuries – yet to come…. Better to reminisce on sunnier times I had with both camera and family in tow.

The year was 2002 and the place, Telegraph Cove and area. I had just recently decided I was not longer going to be involved in photography, as a profession anyway, and had sold every piece of equipment I had acquired over the years. From 35 mm to medium and large format, it all went and in its place I purchased my first digital. A Canon Sure shot 3.1 mega pixels. I was ecstatic as now I could have my cake and eat it to in a most cost efficient manner. Not to mention having a great excuse not to explain why with all that expensive equipment I did not use it to capture every day events in my home life that to me were best left unrecorded for future exposure.

As I reflect back I now realize that perhaps I was a wee bit to hasty…

Anyway, I was offered by my employer at the time, full use of his trailer, all expenses paid for years of honest and faithful service. He late came up and stayed in his boat explicitly to take my family and I out fishing and a boat tour of Johnstone Straight and area. It was two weeks of pure heaven and I highly recommend that if you have never been to Telegraph Cove, do so.

The first day my family decided to sleep in as my boss and I headed out on the boat – a 6:30 wake up call was still the norm for me as I have not yet begun to truly get into holiday mode. The trip for me was a big event despite the early morning fog… I had never been fishing in a boat in BC before… Come to think of it I had never been fishing in a boat period.

I can’t recall all the names of the little inlets and tributaries we patrolled that week suffice to say my family and I enjoyed every moment, especially eating freshly caught salmon prepared and cooked over the BBQ at the skillful hands of my wife for whom I am very grateful to have in my life.

Would I go again, in a heart beat and this time I will ensure we rent one of the once community homes turned summer cottages for tourists right on the water. No kids this time, just my sweetie and I, we have earned it. Oh, and my camera, one never knows when a worthy image may happen to come into view that would boost my photographic career. That is my story and I am sticking to it…

Telegraph Cove and Area, “2002”


Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Incorporated (CVM Inc)