Colour Blind (2009 film)

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Okay so who wants to trust the colour-blind person to design a web site? Even I am hesitant and I am that person in question. Fear not, for I can ensure you I have the right code combination’s for that Light Sea Green, or Misty Rose and even Papaya Whip and Peach Puff you desire; gone are the days of, gasp, plain old Red, Blue, Yellow and Orange…

Now do not ask me where all those names came from but they are real as you can verify for yourself at, “Convertalot” Another great colour code site and my favorite is VisiBone which also offers great prices on numerous products revolving around web site design, colour codes, fonts etc. However, do not take my word for it, check them out for yourself.

On the plus side, these pre-defined colour codes allow each and every one of us the golden opportunity to create an individualistic style for personal and commercial web sites/feeds.

Dare to be different flashes through my mind, in a positive way. Even the colour-blind person can ensure he/she has the right shades and combinations without blinding their readership with new colour combinations only seen by the creator.

My personal and absolute option for analyzing my final creations revolving around colour is my wife. You can thank her for the colours you see on my feed which in actuality match my business cards and letterhead, which by the way have had great reviews from even the graphics firm who did the actual printing.

I created my own design layout and colour combination to print ready which in turn evolved into savings at my end.

The moral is when it comes time for you to choose someone to design your visual marketing material, do not over look the colour-blind individual, you may be greatly surprised when you see the final product that you made a wise decision as opposed to passing us by based on what you perceive to be a creative deficiency.


Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Incorporated (CVM Inc.)