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Being a long-term fan of Adobe Photoshop I was mildly skeptical when I first heard about Lightroom and more so when my first few attempts at using the program ended in utter confusion, not to mention my hair being in jeopardy of needing a transplant. That was until read the manual; I am staunch die-hard who refuses to use an instruction manual except as a last resort, usually just prior to reaching breaking point.

Lightroom is one of those pieces of software you either love it or hate it. For myself I have elected to make Adobe Photoshop my secondary choice for my photo enhancements. I also like the fact Lightroom uses fewer resources and gets right down to doing what it was designed for, enhancing your digital images in a professional yet cost efficient manner. Even as a colour-blind photographer I am amazed, at how easy it is to adjust the exposure on my digital images. That is not to say that is all Lightroom has to offer, there is much more but check it out for yourself at Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Some great Lightroom tips and tricks available at “Inside“.


Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Incorporated (CVM Inc.)