Having been raised a country boy and living of the land as a lad it often seems my views come into constant conflict with city folk and the now generation. In respect to the above image, I see food (lightly roasted in gravy and stuffing with potatoes and vegetables on the side like a roast), you see cute and cuddly. Times have changed.

The same is true for marketing, while many, like I do in the above analogy, still cling to old values failing to realize that the world is changing, and fast. Gone are the days of grabbing a newspaper and a cup of coffee to catch up with the, “who’s who”, and, “who is selling what and where”. With the advent of the internet, we have the world and everything businesses today have to offer at our fingertips 24/7 and without having to leave our homes.

Now what boggles my mind, and yes they do exist, is businesses and home based entrepreneurs today, still hanging on to the old pen and paper, grab the yellow pages thank you and call mentality of marketing.

The question each of us needs to really ask ourselves as business minded individuals is how serious are we about our business and the potential of earning a long term living from it.

Do you see the raccoon as lunch or do you see the here and now where the raccoon has transformed into a cute little wild entrepreneurial animal that has brought its marketing skills to the here and now to use its charm to obtain a free lunch from us the visitors to its fast fading domicile.


Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Incorporated (CVM Inc.)