Always being on the prowl for new challenges and toys, I Stumbled across a little piece of software called Tubes.

Being a lover of shortcuts and the lazy mans way out of daily dilemmas I was smitten with the fact that Tubes would allow me to not only have instant access to files and programs I uses constantly on both my Desk top and my Laptop, but the ability to transfer files between the two. What caught my interest even more was the ability to have files at the ready should I be on the road and need access vs. carrying around my USB key and more so if I happen to have forgotten to bring it with me.

I should have been more alert when the installation started making my firewall go off like the 4th of July fireworks as it continually asked for access for this and that, but I was determined that this was the answer to my dreams and so I continued.

Once installed I found the interface simplistic in design and the upload speed was fast and efficient and with a one-(1) gig limitation, which concerned me just a little but free was free, I was set regardless.


“Tubes instantly builds synchronized, secure connections …between your desktop and the desktop of your friends, family, co-workers – even your other computers. …anything you drop in a tube is whisked to the desktop of anyone you choose – and vice versa. And Tubes syncs any changes in every tube …even when you don’t have an internet connection.”

Feeling rather cocky, I quickly installed it on my desktop and that is where the true reality of the program hit. I had found the golden answer of why I had never heard of the program prior and secondly why it was not being Twittered, Skyped and what ever other avenues of communication one uses, as the end all too some minor online storage and transfer options. One and a half hours later my Tubes was still attempting to synchronize ad find the file I had so lovingly uploaded to my tubes account to share. Attempting to access the online help file through the interface was not that much faster and so as my bubble burst I uninstalled Tubes with much agitated glee and not one iota of fanfare.

My final synopsis of Tubes is two thumbs down and a large hammer to make sure it stays down.


Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Incorporated (CVM Inc.)