I never have considered myself to be true conformist when it comes too rules and I am not about to change. Sure rules serve purpose, but how do you think they came into being and why.

It was with just that line of thought that I wrote my latest submission to Profy. While we need to have rules in life, the same is true of our cyber socializing and networking, the problem is getting everyone on the same page. There lies the problem…

“I walk to the beat of a different drummer, to coin an old phrase, and contrary to some…” “I have chosen to nurture and add to my network. I will, however continue to ensure that I add value to my network as opposed to numbers. It is my wish to aspire to work with others to ensure that in some small way, I bring my own value to the table in return.” “I hope I remember my humble beginnings and pay it forward…”

As my English teacher used to say, “you must first learn the rules, and then you can break them…”


Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Incorporated (CVM Inc.)