Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at anytime, from anywhere.”

Evernote may be just what I need as I scramble from computer notes, to cell phone to my never ending and often duplicated paper trail in an attempt to organize my day. Easy, convenient, accessible and searchable, what more could one ask for besides an in the flesh 24 hour secretary.

Scott Gilbertson of Wired created a great heading entitled, Evernote Offers a Backup For Your Brain“, for his take on Evernote that seemingly summed up the program nicely as did Dave Kemick on his blog, DmK.

According to Scott, Evernote CEO Phil Libin informed him that, “Evernote plans to publish some of its internal APIs in the near future…” The plot was thickening….
My next step was of course to request an invite of my own and in my particular case I was blessed by non-other than my friend and business mentor, Robert Sanzalone of PacificIt, who just happened to have an extra invite hidden in his arsenal, as always. Thank you Robert!

When looking at a new car I like to kick the tires, so to speak, and likewise on any NSO’s (New Shiny Objects) I come in contact with before making the final decision of yay or a nay and Evernote was not to be treated any different. The kid leather gloves were coming off.

The first item that caught my decidedly polished sleuthing ogle was the demonstration video. Admittedly the presenter’s voice seemed overly mono-tone for my liking and almost put me in slumber land, the visual demonstration however overrode the latter as I keenly observed how Evernote seemingly rocked making me anxious to personally detect if it could really do what it claimed.

As my curiosity grew, and even more so then on most beta testing opportunities I have done as of late, after viewing the intro, I felt no qualms about installing the desktop application to put Evernote through its paces.

I often depend on my gut feelings before I do something out of the norm and in this instance they said, “Go for it”, and so I did.

I should point out that Evernote (no pun intended) is Mac and Windows friendly, not to mention it also has mobile and web compatibilities as well as an email option for sending data and images to your account. Apparently there is even a RSS import tool in the works.

Evernote as it states also had the capabilities to capture web pages, wine labels, white boards, scribbles, to-dos and photos… Now I am a master scribbler, I wonder if they (Evernote) will create an add-on that will allow me to personally interpret my scribbles because after 20 minutes or less I cannot read my own script.

It didn’t take me long to up my level of desire to try the email option from my cell phone for myself. Having acquired a new HTC Touch I was just as anxious to test its capabilities as much as I was Evernote.

The following image was taken with the camera option on my HTC and then emailed to my Evernote account. I found the process to be both easy and efficiently fast and the image I chose as my test subject retained good clarity.

Another feature that really impressed me was the search option in the online portion of the program which found what I typed in the search field, prompt and resourcefully, based on information I had filed previously.

To some it may be just another run of the mill clip and paste tool. To me it is the best clip and paste tool I have seen to date. I can see Evernote being a part of my business arsenal for a long time to come.

The forgoing conclusion, after taking into account the sparse Nay Sayers I have encountered in my research vs. my personal conclusions is that Evernote is a very worthy tool to have in your business arsenal.


Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Incorporated (CVM Inc.)