Not having written any form of a blog entry for almost six-(6) months now I find the whole process a lot like starting over. My laxity was not from an inability of finding things to write about, no. I could use the excuse that I have a very busy schedule intermingled with health issues that until of late made the use of my hands and arms very painful. My mind was and still is very active, and each of the later while perhaps true soon became excuses not to commit.

Today I reflected on writing this piece that you are now reading as I lay watching a movie on the television. It is not like I lay around all day but the fact is while watching this particular movie; I don’t even know what it was called as I turned the TV on part way into the show; my mind was thinking about blogging at the same time.

I especially reflected on an article I had quickly scanned for some research for a client I am assisting on a volunteer basis.

Yes I said volunteer. While it is nice to be paid for your services there are times that a little honest charity can go along was to potential paid opportunities. Plus you cannot truly put a price on the good feeling you have when paying-it-forward for the times someone has assisted you without thought of payment.

The article I was alluding too is at TimesOnline entitled, “How to make the most of a corporate blog”, by Sarah Campbell. Of most particular interest was point #8 where Ms Campbell quotes from Bob Pearson vice-president of communities and conversations at Dell, “If you can’t put something new up every day then you’re not ready to blog,”

That particular phrase really hit home. I have been resting on my laurels with all these thoughts and ideas rattling around inside my head where no one but me could have access. I was allowing my slothful side to take control of my life and to stifle my personal growth.

How many times have you personally used the old adage(s), “I will do it later”, or “I will do it tomorrow” and when the time comes you are too tired, busy or worse yet, you forgot what it was you wanted to do in the first place.

To be successful you must at least take the initiative to make notes of your thoughts and ideas, then when you have the opportunity act upon those notes/ideas you can relive those precious moments of creativity and put them into action.

Famous inventors such as Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford, George Eastman the founder of Kodak as examples, didn’t just sit idle. Neither did Chris Pirillo, Robert Scoble, Kris Krug, Tris Hussey, Thomas Hawk and Svetlana Gladkova and numerous other modern blogging entrepreneurs. It was through hard work and dedication to an ideal and putting a dream into motion that enabled each to become what they are today.

In closing I am reminded of the immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “I have a dream…

I too have a dream and my dream is to put my thoughts and ideas into words on this blog no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. I will succeed!


Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Incorporated (CVM Inc.)