At a time when BC is limited, as I see it, to a two party choice, three if you like the green Party it is refreshing to see a third option (or what can be classified as one of the alternative parties) on the horizon. Enter Your Political Party of BC (YPP).

James Filippelli, (founder)
Port Moody-Coquitlam.

Brent Williams
Port Coquitlam

I found Mr. Filippelli to be refreshing in his approach to the BC Political clime. I found him to be very much in tune with all aspects of life on the coast with a very mature outlook in life given his young age (26).

During our hour-long one on one interview, which based on the depth of knowledge I perceived in this young man, I was in awe. In hindsight, one-(1) hour was anything but enough time to phantom the depth of his intellect not to mention his over whelming love for BC and its people.

I did not sense the well-seasoned pre-polished party rhetoric I was accustomed to when dealing with most politicians. Rather, he (Filippelli) came across as refreshing, filled with youthful exuberance and yet seemingly retaining a deep-seated wisdom of someone twice his 26 years of age.

As I read though the YPP Party Platform, while finding the wording lacking in comparison to the more seasoned party word usage, I was intrigued never the less with the ideals the YPP was trying to present and even more intrigued as Filippelli explained it portions to the YPP party policy to me in his own well-developed verbal interpretation.

According to Filippelli, when questioned about the statement, “The Government is taking advantage of you!” under the heading Government Reform, prospective political parties are only interested in getting in power. Once they have achieved that, he states, they go on to reward the companies and/or organizations that supported them with golden contracts. In the case of the Liberals, it is the Corporations and for the NDP it is the Unions.

As I read further into the YPP Party Platform as outlined, I swear I could hear howls of anguish from Victoria as I envisioned the YPP in power. For the first time in history, BC had a government that was truly accountable to the citizens of BC… All Government actions and contracts completely public, campaign promises legally binding and completely public budgets…back to reality!

When it comes to the economy and spending power, Filippelli believes that every dollar we as taxpayers spend out of our own pockets stimulates economical growth far more then the same tax collected dollar spent by the Government.

As he noted, part of the problem is that our tax dollars, continually pushed along an endless paper trail, devalues ever tax dollar collected.

In respect to what, he terms, “Green Technology Business”, or as noted in the party platform, “Encouraging green technology business now will give BC and economic advantage…”James had this to say. “ has to impact our personal lives to become a reality”.

As I interpreted, what he was alluding to is, people and governments can talk about going green, governments and corporations can make options available such as the electric car for example, but until we as individuals are forced to face reality, nothing will change for the better.

As outlined in the party platform notes, transportation accounts for 40% of BC’s greenhouse gasses. It goes on to outline that by encouraging electric vehicles and rapid transit, we (as British Columbians) would improve BC’s greenhouse gas far more effectively than the present carbon tax ever will.

As Filippelli pointed out, BC transit is s simpler mode of transportation which is both cheaper and convenient…”everyone benefits if we use transit.”

As he further pointed out, and as Translink espouses, we need investment to make the present system sustainable. However, as Filippelli points out, we can increase rapid transit availability from money retrieved from Government wasted funds. With the money, saved rapid transit could then be expanded to include Mission, Abbotsford and even Chilliwack. “We have to think beyond present needs and plan for the future”, he noted. “With money spent properly”, he continued, “there would be no lack of funding available for expansion”.

Another aspect of going green, garbage and garbage collection would be divided into four-(4) categories: garbage (to be defined), compost, plastic and paper recycling. There was not mention of metals or glass but I assume that would also be a given.

In respect to the present mainstream political parties and the healthcare system, James had this to say, “The NDP feels the Government can do better and the Liberals feel the people can do better”. Either scenario is just a fancy way of passing responsibility as opposed to finding a solution.

When it comes to the present health care situation in the Province, Filippelli and the YPP believe in a parallel health care system.

“No one has to be without healthcare”, he stated. Everyone, he continued, “should have public access to health care without paying from your own pocket, it should be free”. “However”, he notes,” with a parallel system consisting of public and private, if an individual has the needed funds, they have the right to go to a private facility as opposed to waiting in line for the general public system. “That in turn”, he commented, “would free up waiting list for those who cannot afford private care to seek medical attention far quicker than the present system allows”.

As for the hot topic of the day, legalization of marijuana, James and the YPP are strongly in favour of legalization. As he stated, “Marijuana is a gateway drug!” By legalizing pot and only selling it under controlled situations the same as liquor only to individuals 19 years of age and older you stop the drug connection to hard core substance opportunities.

I can hear all the hippies of old and present day marijuana advocates testing their Bic lighters and checking their finances before they head down to the corner store to purchase extra rolling papers. Don’t forget your Cheech and Chong bobble heads….

As I noted in the beginning Mr. Filippelli and I chatted for about an hour and even that was not enough to appreciate what this young man had to say. Like it or not, the Your Political Party of BC may just be the alternative party British Columbia needs and like what Filippelli has to say or not, he knows his stuff.

May 12, 2009 make your voice heard; VOTE even if you hate all of the Candidates!