With the Vancouver Olympics, just a few short weeks away and news of Al-Qaeda’s trained monkeys latest daring attack on the Afghanistan parliament I reflect on the wailing and gnashing of teeth here at home over the new body scanners.

Headlines scream out, “New Rules terrorize flyers...”, “Scanner ‘violates human dignity”, and I give my head a shake and wonder who the more stupid group is. The terrorists whose only goal is to kill innocent people because they can, or we as Canadians who think because we are Canadian we are invincible and therefore our freedom to do as we please should not be infringed upon.

While personally, I have no need to fly now I do believe we need to tighten up our airport security and if it creates an inconvenience so be it. Better to be inconvenienced and alive then to have our own way and die in the process. To long we as Canadians continue to let the criminal elements of the world dictate the rules while we, like trained monkeys, sit back and allow ourselves to continue to be dictated to by the scum of society as we wallow in chaos that now surrounds us.

I had to laugh when I heard on the Bill Good show shortly after this issue of body scanners broke, about how Micheal Vonn of the B.C. Civil Liberties Union commented that, “…the privacy concerns with these body-scan machines are very, very serious…” I thought to myself afterwards what is Vonn really concerned about as I am sure that the airport staff has better things to do then be interested in looking at her pasty white ass; it is not as if she Angelina Jolie. In fact the staff who monitor the body scans do not even know who the individual is going through and if it allows us, as passengers and or loved ones, to arrive at our destinations safely then so be it. Personally, I would go through twice each time I boarded if it ensured I was going to be safe during my flight; and I am no spring chicken with a muscular body nor am I an exhibitionist.

Personally, I think Vonn is just another lawyer trying to make mark for herself at the taxpayers’ expense.

I also question Britain’s opinion that full-body scans violate child-pornography laws. You would think that the images are being collected and sold, with full visual identification including age and ethnicity, to the highest bidder. I can just here old Bin Laden laughing about how we have become like his other fools as we terrorize ourselves with our moral stupidity at no cost to Al-Qaeda.

Now if I was a terrorist and wanted to make some great brownie points with the boss (Bin-Laden) the 2010 Olympics and the present quibbling about security when flying into this country would just make sense. All those potential victims gathered in mass numbers including international state dignitaries, not to mention all that free press coverage already established to assist in spreading the message of fear and vulnerability based on the when and where will terrorist strike again.

Give me a full body scan, heck I will strip naked and go for the full cavity search in public to ensure my friends and family would remain unharmed. (Gross, not a pretty picture but you get my point) We have become a society of sheep willingly allowing ourselves to be led to the slaughter by our own pompous inability to stand up and fight for our rights. Bring back the death penalty and stop giving the criminal elements of this world any say in what happens to them once they have committed a crime regardless of age, gender or race.

Now if you ask me do I feel the full-body scanners are the end all when it comes to air port security my answer would be no. In fact, I would say they are a great waste of money. Here we are paying, as I understand it $250,000.00 per machine for a total of eleven-(11) scanners which begs the real question, “What, if anything, are we doing to fix the real weak link in our port of entry security?”

I am talking about the under trained and as I understand in some cases underpaid airport staff who are entrusted with the lives of thousands on a daily basis. At best from my research security at Canadian airports is a joke as fear turns into pandemonium the moment something happens, especially in the USA.

Another prime example of how bad Canadian Airport security is, is the Robert Dziekansk case where everyone from airport security and other supposedly well trained staff to and including the RCMP failed miserably to assist a man whose only crime was not to have the ability to speak English was eventually tasered and died.

Send back the full-body scanners for a refund and use the money to not only increase the pay scale but also to better train our security staff, and not just at the airports but at every entry point. If someone does not meet, the correct clearance standards to continue past the checkpoint send him or her back on the next available flight from whence they came regardless what all the bleeding hearts think or feel. The safety and well-being of every Canadian, by birth right or otherwise, should be uppermost in our minds regardless what others may think.

I reflected on a well rounded article by Jon Ferry of the Province News where he noted that the father of the alleged Muslim terrorist, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, had actually warned the US authorities about his sons plans and we all know how that turned out. It seems stupidity and the failure to communicate from agency to agency is in itself an even greater threat to our safety then any terrorist can dream up when it comes to airport security, as an example, and because of that, everyone suffers.

Perhaps the best example of airport security is in Israel.

According to Sela, a security consultant with Ben-Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv,’ Israeli airports rely most on direct contact with passengers and careful screening of their backgrounds… Every passenger is interviewed before going through security screening. Staff make direct eye contact with each passenger and are trained to watch for signs of stress, nervousness and other behavioural indicators. “

“I can watch people when they are going through a certain stage in the security process and I can pick out the dangerous one 99.9 times out of 100, maybe higher” says Sela.

In closing, my personal thought is that Canada and the United States should swallow their stupid pride, grow some balls, and learn from the Israelis. Then and only then will we have anything resembling true point of entry security worth expanding upon.