“Photography, a means of communication that knows no language barriers”.
Allan Herman, CVM Inc. aka “The Colour Blind Photographer”

As Sherman Hines, a Canadian Prolific Photographer once said, “The key to successful photography is to open your eyes to the world around you.” The same could be said of any business. Unless you are willing to open your eyes to the possibilities that surround you, you will never succeed”

Hello, name is Allan Herman owner of “Creative Visual Marketing Services Inc.”
I have over 18 years of experience and counting as a Photographer. My photographic forte includes but is not limited to scenics, real-estate, sports, brochures, images for web applications and stock. Visual marketing my specialty.

My Past and Present clients include but are not limited to:

HouseSmart Renovations, AFRP Philanthropy Awards, Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland, Supported Employment Program (Squamish, BC), Hillel Society of Vancouver BC, North Vancouver Arts Council, Young Astronauts Canada, Highland with Sherril, Black Tusk Realty, Squamish Reality, National Real Estate Service, Gilbey’s Distillery – Malibu Rum Windsurfing Series (Squamish, BC), Altitude Publishing/Constance Brissenden (Whistler and the Sea to Sky Country), Chieftain Mall Merchants; Christmas Magic program for children and Freelance Assignments for “The Vancouver Sun”, newspaper.

Allan Herman “The Colour Blind Photographer”
Allan Herman
“I shoot from the heart, not the hip.”