According to a press release by Steve Mossopof IPSOS Reid, “The Average Internet User Sees 130 Spam Messages Per Week, An Increase Of 51% Over Last Year”

Mr. Mossopof goes on to say that, “A new study released by Ipsos Reid has found that even though an amazing 66% of Canadians prefer communicating via email over other methods, 44% of us agree that we can hardly keep up with the amount of email that we receive. And spam is the primary culprit. Yet Canadian’s willingness to provide email addresses to companies that ask continues unabated. But will the continued influx of spam and increasingly fickle attention level of consumers mean that permission-based email is doomed to a short lifespan, or will the innovation being applied to this relatively new tool be enough to propel it forward for several more years?

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Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Incorporated (CVM Inc.)