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According to a press release by Steve Mossopof IPSOS Reid, “The Average Internet User Sees 130 Spam Messages Per Week, An Increase Of 51% Over Last Year”

Mr. Mossopof goes on to say that, “A new study released by Ipsos Reid has found that even though an amazing 66% of Canadians prefer communicating via email over other methods, 44% of us agree that we can hardly keep up with the amount of email that we receive. And spam is the primary culprit. Yet Canadian’s willingness to provide email addresses to companies that ask continues unabated. But will the continued influx of spam and increasingly fickle attention level of consumers mean that permission-based email is doomed to a short lifespan, or will the innovation being applied to this relatively new tool be enough to propel it forward for several more years?

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Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Incorporated (CVM Inc.)


Divine Dining…

Even the angels revere good photographers…

Are your marketing images delivering the impact you desire?



Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Incorporated (CVM Inc.)

Blue Heron

Does an image have to be in colour in today’s world of visual marketing to add value to your marketing campaign?

Please post your comments/thoughts.


Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Incorporated (CVM Inc.)


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Being a recent convert to web 2.0 technology & RSS Feeds, I am totally amazed at the marketing power available today and the fact that most business individuals I know have no knowledge of its existence and if they do they are afraid to venture forth and check it out for fear of the unknown.

Ever being a strong proponent of a visual marketing and static websites; in respect to online marketing; it was not until I sat down with Robert Sanzalone of PacificIT that I finally came into the light. That meeting turned my life around as I embraced a new; to me; exciting world to assist businesses to market their products and services.

That then raises the question, “What should I have on my blog/feed and why?”

Like most individuals, I have always been drawn to things that are both fresh and exciting, be it a simple image or a few well-written words. Secondly, I prefer to see material related to what it espouses; products or services you advertised as offering. I hate negative surprises and if I do not like it I will inform anyone I can, not to visit and why.

I cannot begin to imagine a shoe salesperson talking about dresses any more than I can a renovation expert talking about web 2 technology, as examples. The image of either scenario immediately leaves me with the distinct visual of looking for the nearest exit or in the case of a web site, the back button. Stick to what you know; your business!

Some great masters of marketing, in my opinion, based on their individualistic styles who; seemingly have a natural talent for fresh and interesting material revolving around their products and or services; are Phil Butler, Paul Glazowski, Robert Sanzalone, Shell Busey and Thomas Hawk as well as a group of journalists under the banner of sans serif.

I am sure there are many more but I will use these fine individuals to make my point.

Shell Busey is a renovation guru in greater Vancouver, with followers as far away as Ontario and parts of the USA, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting many times on both a work related and personal basis. While his web presence is and will always remain a static web site, his radio shows as well as TV and numerous Home Shows more than make up for the need of a blog/feed. However, this needs to be perceived as a rare example.

I might interject here that should Shell ever decide to learn to use a computer he knows he would have even less time for himself and his family due to the onslaught of questions and additional publicity it would bring. Here is man who learned his industry from the ground up and even today does not use any form of notes on his radio show or any other presentation; his mind is his computer.

Robert Sanzalone a Technology Evangelist with a big heart, and the ability foresee the future of technology.

I first met Robert when he was a facilitator at one of my SCC classes (Successful Contracting and Consulting). Here was an individual who practices what he preaches and the passion he emitted about the power of Technology and the opportunities it presented to businesses during that four-(4) hour session was captivating. It was later when I had the privilege of sitting down with Robert one to one that I was able to truly fathom the full value of what he had to say to bring me into the light.

Once back at my home office, after meeting with Robert, I turned on my computer, researched what he had told me and never looked back. I was amazed at the simplicity of it all, creating a blog/feed vs. a static web site. I came to the realization that if you can turn on a computer, you can create a blog/feed which leaves you as an entrepreneur/business owner more time for the important aspect of your business, selling because your marketing needs have just been cut in half due to your new-found skills. Add into the latter equation the increased profits and…well what more can I say?

Thomas Hawk is perhaps the most inspirational individual of those noted here because of our mutual forte, photography. I have never met Thomas but I almost immediately subscribed to his feed because of his photographic talents. He of course plays second fiddle to Sherman Hines; a prolific Canadian photographer; whom I have met at a seminar many years ago. I am ever mindful of one sound piece of advice Sherman gave to us that evening, “To be successful, you must open your eyes and look around…” Sorry Thomas, you have to play second fiddle in respect to Sherman.

I find myself drawn back time and again to his (Thomas Hawk’s) site because of the total simplicity of it. Simplistic in the design yet powerful in the presentation due to the images he presents one at a time, each with its own page and a minimal word usage. His images speak for themselves and the comments of his readership strengthen even more my resolve to follow his work.

Phil Butler, Paul Glazowski at Profy.com, and the writers at sans serif, present another powerful marketing style again, each using the power of the written word. Each word phrased in such a manner that they create the images in your mind, as you read. Their strength is in the pen and as the saying goes, “The pen is mightier then the sword.” In this case, it is a strong case to ensure the written material you present in respect to your marketing is well defined and meaningful. In doing so you can be assured your marketing audience will grow by leaps and bounds.

Each of the latter individuals is a prime example of good Visual Marketing. Why, because you can see it and it is conveying a strong positive message to you the consumer.

The next time you have a moment take a good look around you be it at home, the office, in a mall or just walking down the street. Visual marketing is everywhere; on the TV you watch, in your newspaper, store/street signs, even on the food you purchase… If you can see it, it is visual marketing and it works. You never know when that special presentation will result in a sale, so look around and open YOUR eyes to the possibilities that await you…

Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Inc. (CVM Inc.)