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Geezer Power

YES, Lets hear it for the over 55 generation! Moreover, everyone thought computers were for kids, bahhhhh!

According to IPSOS Reid, “In 2005, Canadians aged 55 and older accounted for 24% of the overall population. In the next 25 years, this population is expected to double.”

The article goes on to say that, “In 2003, households with at least one member aged 55 or older spent 71% of their income on personal expenditures, about $144 billion. Jump ahead 10 years and assume that these households spend exactly the same, but there are 50% more… This puts their personal consumption at well over $215 billion, and climbing.”

It raises a question for online business marketing where in we naturally assume it is the younger generation we need to reach. Are we missing out on the larger piece of the marketing pie based on age assumption?


Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Incorporated (CVM Inc.)


Based on personal experiences I felt that blogging in Canada and more so in respect to business in Canada was, well, behind the times. You can well imagine my surprise when I read the latest report from IPSOS Reid wherein it was noted, “There are currently over fifteen million blogs associated with web pages in Canada that can be accessed from Google.” That of course raises the question, are those fifteen million Canadian blogs or fifteen million blogs Canadians can access.

I feel so totally insignificant as I imagine my lowly blog in the gene pool totaling fifteen million and growing. Based on those numbers it is going to take me at least another week or two to become # 1.

The article goes on to say that, “Needless to say, blogs are a fast growing phenomenon on the Internet and an area that has massive potential impact on our world, especially in marketing. it continues by stating that Blogs have a wide reach and can be rapidly accessed by Internet users, making them extremely important when it comes to marketing, branding, communications and public affairs.”

Have you started your marketing blog yet? In the words on the immortal SB, It’s just that easy…!


Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Incorporated (CVM Inc.)

According to a press release by Steve Mossopof IPSOS Reid, “The Average Internet User Sees 130 Spam Messages Per Week, An Increase Of 51% Over Last Year”

Mr. Mossopof goes on to say that, “A new study released by Ipsos Reid has found that even though an amazing 66% of Canadians prefer communicating via email over other methods, 44% of us agree that we can hardly keep up with the amount of email that we receive. And spam is the primary culprit. Yet Canadian’s willingness to provide email addresses to companies that ask continues unabated. But will the continued influx of spam and increasingly fickle attention level of consumers mean that permission-based email is doomed to a short lifespan, or will the innovation being applied to this relatively new tool be enough to propel it forward for several more years?

Read the complete article at: Email Marketing


Allan Herman, Creative Visual Marketing Services Incorporated (CVM Inc.)